Maximize Your Solar Investment with PURETi™

Unleash the Power of Clean Energy

Introducing our innovative protective clear coatings for solar panels by PURETi™, the cutting-edge technology designed to keep your solar panels clean, ensuring optimal light absorption and efficiency.

Revolutionize cleaning

Combat Efficiency Loss

Solar panels naturally accumulate dirt and grime, blocking precious sunlight and trapping heat that reduces efficiency.

The PURETi™ Advantage

PURETi™ offers a cost-effective solution to the cleaning challenge.

Long-Lasting Benefits

A single application of PURETi™ lasts for an impressive 5 years, providing enduring protection and peace of mind for your solar investment.

Reduce power loss due to dirty panels
About Us

Solar Clear Coatings

Solar Clear Coatings is the trade name of Pure Clear Coatings Limited for the application of coatings to solar panels in the UK. 

Pure Clear Coatings Limited is a Certified Applicator and Distributor of PURETi™ products.

PURETi™ is a range of solutions for continuous purification of the environment, both exterior and interior that is applied to most surfaces. 

You can learn more about our products on the Pure Clear Coatings website or LinkedIn

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the condition and accessibility of the solar panel:  

  • For example, If your solar panel is in a factory setting and the panel is new, clean and can be sprayed at ground level this is the lowest cost option.  Subject to a minimum quantity of panels to be sprayed, this will cost approximately £5/m2. 
  • If your solar panel is not clean, it will need to be cleaned before it can be sprayed.  We can arrange this, however, if you already have a contract for someone to clean your panel then we can spray after they next clean it.
  • Access to spray the panel is an important cost factor.  If the solar panel is at ground level, maybe in a solar farm, or in your garden, then we do not need to allow for access equipment such as scaffolding or mechanical access equipment.  Each location is different, and we need to assess the location to determine the safest and cheapest solution for the works.
  • Typical costs for normal solar panel cleaning range from £5/m2 to £23/m2 in the UK subject to geographic location and the factors mentioned above.  Our costs for coating panels are also subject to accessibility costs.  Excluding access equipment, we charge between £5/m2 and £20/m2 for spraying subject to the area of panels to be coated.


Reduced frequency and intensity of pressure washing,

Cleaning can be done half as often, and with half the effort,

Panel performance and output can be increased,

Measurable contribution to corporate sustainability goals,

Points for innovation & environmental promotion.

In summary: Reducing cleaning means less water, electricity, chemicals and labour, disruption & inconvenience which not only saves you money it is good for the environment. 

Clean solar panels can be 5%-35% more efficient than dirty ones!

As soon as the coating has dried and it is in daylight.  (The UV-A light in daylight makes it work.) It dries in seconds and cures in 24-36 hours to form a clear, hard, water permeable, inorganic mineral film that is 40nm thin.  

We provide a 5 year warranty.  This is subject to how you treat your panel after it has been coated.  Any future cleaning requires minimal abrasion, although the coating is very tough and durable it can be damaged with ardent scraping using sharp instruments. 

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