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Maximize Your Solar Investment with PURETi™

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Unleash the Power of Clean Energy

Are you getting the most out of your solar investment? Dirty solar panels can significantly reduce your system’s efficiency, causing power loss and hindering performance. But there’s a revolutionary solution that can transform your solar experience.

Introducing PURETi™, the cutting-edge technology designed to keep your solar panels clean, ensuring optimal light absorption and efficiency. 

Here's why PURETi™ is the game-changer your solar investment needs.

Long-Lasting Benefits

A single application of PURETi™ lasts for an impressive 5 years, providing enduring protection and peace of mind for your solar investment. 

And there’s an extra benefit – your solar panels will also function as air scrubbers, actively cleansing the surrounding air of harmful pollutants such as NOx, SOx, and other organic airborne contaminants.

Don’t let dirty panels hinder your solar investment. Embrace PURETi™, the innovative solution that maximizes efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and promotes a cleaner environment. 

Flexible Application

PURETi™ can be applied as a protective coating before installation or in-line during routine cleaning, ensuring your solar panels stay cleaner for longer periods. 

With an invisible nano-coating that blocks less than 1% of light transmission, PURETi™ more than compensates for any minimal light loss by extending your panel’s cleanliness and even cooling them by approximately 2 degrees.

Combat Efficiency Loss

Solar panels naturally accumulate dirt and grime, blocking precious sunlight and trapping heat that reduces efficiency. 

Dirty panels can lead to a 5%-30% decrease in photovoltaic solar output, while thermal solar systems may lose up to 40% of their effectiveness. 

The challenge often lies in the difficulty of cleaning, as you wouldn’t want to risk damaging your valuable equipment.

The PURETi™ Advantage

PURETi™ offers a cost-effective solution to the cleaning challenge. This innovative technology utilizes light energy to clean your solar surfaces, eliminating the need for excessive water usage, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing labour costs associated with maintenance. 

What’s more, PURETi™ quickly pays for itself through improved production, making it a smart investment.

Dirty Solar and Photovoltaic Panels

“Dirty panels can lead to a 5%-30% decrease in photovoltaic solar output: thermal solar systems may lose up to 40% of their effectiveness.”

Make the smart choice for your solar investment and experience the power of PURETi™ today.  

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